Digital Panel Mount Tachometer with Photo-Reflective Sensor

Model Number – TM-804

TM 804 Digital Panel Mount Tachometer with Photo Reflective Sensor in India

Digital Panel Mount Tachometer with Photo-Reflective Sensor

Model Number – TM-804


A photo-reflective sensor in panel mount tachometer is a type of tachometer that uses a specialized sensor to measure the speed of a rotating object. The photo-reflective sensor works by reflecting light off the spinning object onto a light-sensitive surface. The light-sensitive surface measures the reflected light to calculate the speed of the rotating object. This type of tachometer is typically used to measure the speed of motors, engines, and other rotating objects.

Key Features

Used in industrial applications to monitor the performance of motors.


Full Digital, Micro Controller LSI circuit design with Auto Ranging, Crystal controlled time base.


Useful for measurements of RPMs of motors, mixtures, pumps and other rotary devices. With excellent Quality, compact size and accurate reading.

Employs the principle of photorefictive scanning using a light source, photo sensor & reflector. The visible light beam through photo-probe is to be aligned with the reflector (applied on rotating shaft /disc /drive) at 4″ to 12″ distance. The receiver senses the reflected light beam each time target passes through light beam. Time interval between reflected light which is proportional to speed is processed / computed & RPM is displayed on panel meter.

Photoprobe consists of threaded 22mm x 70mm long brass chrome plated probe with locknuts. It houses light source of bright intensity with a photo receiver. A quality optic lens is mounted inside to focus the light on reflector and to send back reflected light from reflector. 3 wire cable has been provided to transmit signal. Photo sensor has to be mounted perpendicular to reflector at a distance of 4” to 12”.

A Man Explaining the Structure of a Machine to Women and the Second Image is Industrial Interior Structure

Technical Specifications


60 RPM – 50,000 RPM


0.1 RPM from 60 to 1000 RPM
1 RPM from 1000 to 50,000 RPM

Display Type

5 DIGITS 12.5mm(0.5”) height RED LED


+/- 0.05 + 1 Least Count

Sampling Rate

1 Sample per second

Time Base

Quartz Crystal Controlled

Power Source

220 Volts A.C. 50Hz +/- 10%

Panel Size

96mm x 48mm x 130mm (96mm Sq)

Standard Accessories

Photo-Reflective sensor with 3.0Meter Shielded cable, 12x1000mm Photo reflective tape and instruction manual

Installation Diagram

Digital Panel Mount Tachometer with Photo Reflective Sensor

Photo Probe sensor

Digital Panel Mount Tachometer with Photo Reflective Sensor

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