Digital Panel Mount Tachometer with Proximity Switch Sensor

Model Number – TM-801

TM 801 Digital Panel Mount Tachometer with Digital Tachogenerator Sensor in India

Digital Panel Mount Tachometer with Digital Tachogenerator Sensor

Model Number – TM-801


It consists of a digital display, a digital tachogenerator sensor, and a mounting panel. The digital display is used to read the speed and other information such as revolutions per minute, time, and distance. The digital tachogenerator sensor is a contact-type device that works by sensing the magnetic field generated by the rotating object. The sensor is mounted on the panel and connected to the digital display. The display will show the speed of the object in real time and can be used to adjust and control the speed of the rotating object. The tachometer is used in many applications, such as motors, pumps, fans, and conveyors.

It uses a contact tachogenerator sensor, which has a rotating disk with magnets mounted on it. As the disk rotates, it induces an alternating current in the sensor’s coils. This alternating current is then converted to a digital signal and sent to the tachometer.

Key Features

Used in industrial applications to monitor the performance of motors.


Full Digital, Micro Controller LSI circuit design for high reliability and versatility


Comes with a sturdy, easy to carry/handle carrying case box with foam padding for protection against impact.

Digital Tachogenerators employs the principle of generating digital pulse output (LS-TTL compatible) using photo –interruptor and a rotating disc. This digital signal output at the rate of 60 PPR proprotional to speed is transmitted to the panel instrument over the interconnecting 3 core cable or to any of signal data processing system.

The digital tachogenerator is a reliable, accurate, and economical method of measuring speed.

An Image Contains Rocket Space Launching and Second Image Contain Train Engine and Third Image Contain Engineer Working

Technical Specifications


60 RPM – 50,000 RPM 6 m/min – 5000 m/min (surface speed)


0.1 RPM from 60 to 1000 RPM
1 RPM from 1000 to 50,000 RPM

Display Type

5 DIGITS 10mm(0.38”) height RED LED


+/- 0.05 + 1 Least Count

Sampling Rate

1 second

Time Base

Quartz Crystal Controlled

Low Battery

Indicated by “Lobat” when the battery
voltage drops below operating voltage

Memory Recall

‘Last’, ‘Max’, ‘Min’ Values memorized automatically, upto 120sec can be recalled

Power Source

4 X 1.5V AA Battery. Auto Shut off feature included

Battery Life

90hrs for alkaline batteries | 30hrs for Carbon-Zinc batteries

Operating Temperature

0° Celsius to 60° Celsius (32° F to 140° F )


70 x 200 x 40mm (2.8 x 7.8 x 1.6 inch)


320grams including battery

Standard Accessories

Male rubber contact tip– 2nos
Female rubber contact tip– 2nos
Peripheral rubber contact tip– 1nos
Padded Carrying Case– 1nos
User Manual– 1nos

Installation Diagram

TM 803 Digital Panel Mount Tachometer with Proximity Switch Sensor Installation

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