Photo Contact Digital Tachometer

Model Number – HTM 890

HTM 890 Photo Contact Digital Tachometer by Systems Tech

Photo Contact Digital Tachometer

Model Number – HTM 890


It typically consists of a display unit, a light source, a photo sensor, and a rotating object or wheel. The HTM 890 Photo Contact Digital Tachometer is a highly accurate and reliable instrument designed for measuring rotational speed in mechanical and industrial applications. This tachometer features a large, easy-to-read LCD display and a wide range of selectable measurement units. The HTM 890 also features a self-calibrating system that helps to ensure accurate measurements and a wide range of digital output options, including a serial port and a USB port. This tachometer is suitable for monitoring a variety of rotating machinery such as motors, pumps, compressors, blowers, and fans. It is also capable of storing up to 99 readings for comparison and troubleshooting purposes.

Key Features

Used in industrial applications to monitor the performance of motors.


Full Digital, Micro Controller LSI circuit design for high reliability and versatility


Comes with a sturdy, easy to carry/handle carrying case box with foam padding for protection against impact.


Ergonomically designed for handheld based operations for risk free RPM measurement at all times.


Excellent Quality, compact size and accurate reading.

Battery Icon

Economic and effective Battery power utilization

Technical Specifications


60 RPM – 50,000 RPM (contact side)
6 m/min – 5000 m/min (surface speed)
60 RPM – 1,00,000 RPM (photo side)


0.1 RPM: 0 – 1000 RPM | 1 RPM: > 1000 RPM 
0.01 : 0 – 100 meter/min | 0.1 : > 100 meter/min

Display Type

5 DIGITS 10mm(0.38”) height RED LED


+ 0.05% + 1 Digit

Sampling Rate

1 second

Time Base

Quartz Crystal Controlled

Measuring Distance

75mm (3 inch) to 300mm (12 inch) (Photo side)

Low Battery

Indicated by “Lobat” when the battery
voltage drops below operating voltage

Memory Recall

‘Last’, ‘Max’, ‘Min’ Values memorized automatically, upto 120sec can be recalled

Power Source

4 X 1.5V AA Battery. Auto Shut off feature included

Battery Life

90hrs for alkaline batteries (contact side)
30hrs for Carbon-Zinc batteries (contact side)
24hrs for alkaline batteries (Photo side)
12hrs for Carbon-Zinc batteries (Photo side)

Operating Temperature

0° Celsius to 60° Celsius (32° F to 140° F )


70 x 200 x 40mm (2.8 x 7.8 x 1.6 inch)


320grams including battery

Standard Accessories

Male rubber contact tip– 2nos
Female rubber contact tip– 2nos
Peripheral rubber contact tip– 1nos
Reflective tape (Marks) 1000x12mm(40×0.5 inch)–1nos
Padded Carrying Case–1nos User Manual– 1nos

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