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Digital Tachogenerator Sensor in India


Digital Tachogenerator


A digital tachogenerator is an electronic device used to measure the speed of a rotating object. It works by converting rotational speed into electrical signals. It is commonly used in industrial applications such as machine tools, conveyor systems, and robotics. The device is also used in automotive applications for measuring the engine speed and calculating fuel efficiency. The digital tachogenerator is a reliable, accurate, and economical method of measuring speed. It is also easy to install and maintain.

Digital Tachogenerators employs the principle of generating digital pulse output (LS-TTL compatible) using photo –interruptor and a rotating disc. This digital signal output at the rate of 60 PPR proprotional to speed is transmitted to the panel instrument over the interconnecting 3 core cable or to any of signal data processing system.

The Tachogenerator-Optical Encoder consists of extruded alluminium machined housing (62mm Dia) with SS Shaft(10mm Dia) mounted on two frictionless ball bearings. This has to be coupled with the rotating shaft of the drive whose RPM or Pulse data to to be tested/measured continuously. Tachogenerator is of Servo or face mounting type with 3 pin connector mounted.

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Specifications: Electronic

Supply Voltage

6V DC (Regulated).

Supply Current

50mamp – 70mamp

Output Type

Digital Pulse Output

O/P Pulse Rate

60ppr (Pulses per Revolutions)

O/P Pulse Amplitude

Same as Supply Voltage.

O/P Frequency

10 KHz @ 10000 RPM.

O/P Characteristics

Maximum ripple over 1revolution = 15% Electrical Phase Error per increment = +20%

Outlet Cable

2/3 meter long (Standard) with three cores along with connector.

Specifications: Mechanical

Electronic Body

Machined Aluminium Housing with Aluminium or ABS plastic cover.

Shaft Size

10.0 mm (Dia.), 23 mm shaft extension.. Stainless Steel (SS-304).


Servo or Face – by 3 screws of M-4 (1200 apart on a PCD of 48 mm dia.).

Overall Size

Body dia. 62 mm, Depth: 80 mm. (excluding shaft and connector gland).


300 gram.

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