TM-804 Photo-Reflective Sensor

Model Number – TM-804

Photo reflective sensors are optical sensors that are used in tachometers to measure the rotational speed of a motor or shaft. The sensor consists of an LED, a light-sensitive detector, and a light-reflecting surface. When light from the LED strikes the light-reflecting surface, the light is reflected back to the detector. The detector then measures the light level and, based on the period of time it takes for the light to be reflected back, calculates the rotational speed of the motor or shaft. This type of sensor is used for accurate and reliable speed measurements and can be used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

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Working Principle

Employs the principle of photoreflective scanning using a light source,photo sensor & reflector. The Visible light beam through photo-probe is to be aligned with the reflector (applied on rotating shaft/disc/drive) at 4” to 12” distance. The receiver senses the reflected light beam each time target passes through light beam. Time interval between reflected light which is proportional to speed is transmitted to the panel instrument over the interconnecting 3 core cable.

Photo Reflective Pickup

Photoprobe consists of threaded 22mm x 75mm long brass chrome plated probe with locknuts. It houses light source of bright intensity with a photo receiver. A quality optic lens is mounted inside to focus the light on reflector and to send back reflected light from reflector. 3 wire cable has been provided to transmit signal. Photo sensor has to be mounted perpendicular to reflector at a distance of 4” to 12”.


Specifications: Electronic


Supply Voltage 5V DC (Regulated).
Supply Current 125mamp
Output Type Digital Pulse Output – 3 Wire
O/P Pulse Rate 1ppr (Pulses per Revolutions)
O/P Pulse Amplitude +50 mV to 5 V.
O/P Frequency 20 KHz @ 10000 RPM.
Outlet Cable 2/3 meter long (Standard) with three cores along with connector.


Specifications: Mechanical


Mechanical Body Machined BRASS/SS threaded housing with two locknuts.

Face – by 2 locknuts of M22

Overall Size

Body dia.22 mm, Length: 75 mm.

Weight(Approx.) 150 gram.

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