TS-201 Temperature and humidity 2in1 sensor

Model Number – TS-201

Preserve efficacy of drugs / vaccines
Continuous monitoring helps in quick proactive steps to prevent cold storage drugs from unsafe temperature and humidity exposure

Save time and effort
Automated monitoring reports in your mailbox and real-time dashboard from your mobile phone/ laptop any-time and any-where.

Save time and effort
Know where and when in the cold chain, there is non-compliance in storage or handling conditions to get actionable insights, reduce wastage

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Key Features

Trusted for quality and reliability

  • Simple plug-and-use wireless device. Set up in 2 minutes and track worldwide
  • Auto log and view temperature and humidity of cold storage drugs and vaccines across multiple locations
  • Track real-time temperature+ humidity and set thresholds for on-device audiovisual alarms
  • Designed to be used with existing refrigerators/ freezers and cold rooms
  • Whatsapp and email alerts on temperature and humidity breaches. Downloadable and automated reports
  • Android and iOS mobile applications to manage alerts and access dashboard.


Technical Specifications


Working range -40⁰C to +125⁰C; 0% to 100%RH
Accuracy +/- 0.2⁰C and +/-2%RH
NIST traceable NIST traceable through an ISO / IEC17025 accredited calibrationlaboratory
Long term drift <0.02⁰C/y & <0.25RH/y
Display Crisp OLED display 80dB alarm
Power supply 5V DC micro USB power supply
Battery Backup Optional 8 hour battery back-up,
Data Storage 200 samples on-device data storage





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