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Proximity Switch Sensor


A proximity switch sensor is a type of sensor used in tachometers to measure the speed of a rotating object. It works by detecting the presence of an object within a certain distance from its sensing element. The sensing element is usually an inductive coil or an optical reflector. The proximity switch sensor measures the speed of rotation by counting the number of times the object passes within the sensing element’s range. This type of sensor is used in various applications, such as measuring the speed of a vehicle, a motor, or even a fan. It is also used in robotics and manufacturing processes.

Sensor is either PNP or NPN inductive type. Proximity switch/sensor consists of threaded 18mm x 65mm long brass probe with locknuts. It has to be mounted at a distance of 3.0 to 5.0mm adjacent to a bolt/Teeth/MS pulsor disc/Wheel concentrically on the rotating shaft of rotor/drive whose rpm is to be tested OR measured continuously.

Proximity Sensor employs the principle of generating digital signal output (LS-TTL compatible) by activating and deactivating a frequency oscillator. This digital signal output at the rate of 1 PPR proportional to speed is transmitted to the panel instrument over the interconnecting 3 core cable .

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Specifications: Electronic

Supply Voltage

5V to 24V DC (Regulated)

Supply Current

50 mA – 70 mA

Output Type

Digital Pulse Output: 3-wire

O/P Pulse Rate

1 ppr (Pulses per Revolutions)

O/P Pulse Amplitude

Same as Supply Voltage.

Signal Indicator

10 KHz @ 10000 RPM.

O/P Characteristics

Green LED provided at back

Outlet Cable

2/3 meter long (Standard) with three cores

Specifications: Mechanical

Mechanical Body

Machined BRASS/SS threaded housing with two locknuts.


Face – by 2 locknuts of M18

Overall Size

Body dia. 18 mm, Length: 65 mm.


100 gram.

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